Hello, there. We are stoked to share this one with you. Its clear to know better about the angus without taking apart your own Angus.

Loosen the four screws on the top.

Use a tool to press from the chamber, and hold the wood carefully to take apart the wood and heating part.

Loosen the bottom screws to release screw post, loosen the plastic piece screws to release the pcba and button.

You can take off the halogen bulb and glass beads now. from now, we already take apart angus device.

Here is the angus all parts and materials

3 thoughts on “Angus TearDown

  1. Michael says:

    thanks Yang Kang for the clear answer.
    I just could get probably one of the last Rubies here. :)
    I’m very curious to see how it stacks up against various competitors.
    What I really like is that none of your packaging is superfluous. It is very simple and sustainable. You often get a great box. But it’s just nice and doesn’t change anything about the product.
    Your exact instructions and drawings are also very good. This is top service and saves us all time.
    Of course I would like to compare the brand new Enhanced with Ruby. But for now I’m enjoying Ruby.
    I wish you much success! The previous testers on YouTube are raving about it, including the OG. I can even talk to Ruby now… :)
    Who developed the name “Angus”? Everybody knows Angus from ACDC. Could be a great idea.

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